The Saga Of Ryzom – Now Available Online To Buy And Download…

The Saga of Ryzom – now available
online to buy and download…

London and Paris – 27th October 2004
– Paris-based game developer and publisher, Nevrax, and Jolt Online Gaming –
Europe’s largest independent online gaming network – are pleased to announce
players from all over the globe are now able to download the eagerly-awaited
Saga of Ryzom MMOG.

The new digital download system will
now allow players from ALL territories the ability to obtain the game online,
and not just countries without a distribution agreement. The move will further
boost already escalating subscriptions to the recently launched MMOG, which is
also set to benefit from the newly introduced "Bring a Friend" scheme.

"With all the cold and wet weather
about, who wants to travel to the shops to get their hands on the hottest MMORPG
this year," said Dominic Silk, CEO of Jolt, "By using the online purchase and
download system, exclusive to Jolt, you can be enjoying the lush and sunny
sights of Atys in next to no time at all."

Since its highly successful launch
in September, The Saga of Ryzom has garnered positive media attention, being
called a stand out MMOG that "you’ll want to see every inch of" (Gamespy,
October 2004). The Saga of Ryzom offers players an engaging storyline, affected
by their own actions; a unique new combat and skill system; and a vast,
beautiful, dynamic game world to explore.

"This is just the beginning for
Ryzom," said David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax, "We have many prosperous years
ahead and we recommend players start early to ensure they make their mark on
Atys and the future worlds to come. We’ve always believed a digital download
system to be the perfect medium for obtaining the game, and we’re glad to now be
able to offer it to everyone."

About Nevrax

Founded in early 2000, Paris based
Nevrax is an online game and software development company that specializes in
massively multiplayer online games. Utilizing NeL, its open source platform,
Nevrax’s team of 50+ engineers and designers have developed their first MMORPG,
a science fantasy game entitled Saga of Ryzom, released 09/2004 in Europe and in
North America

About Jolt Online Gaming

Launched in October 1999,
is Europe’s largest and most popular privately owned and independent online
gaming network – with over 1000 game servers online. Utilising a multi-gigabit
network that consistently outperforms its competitors, jolt is the network of
choice for serious gamers and games companies alike.

In addition to providing superior
internet connectivity, hosting, infrastructure and management jolt was the
pioneer and is also the World leader in the supply of rentable servers to clans.
As well as its’ public gaming servers jolt also provides tailored solutions for
game developers, publishers and companies. These range from High Performance
Leased Lines through to 24/7, fully managed, game server solutions for clients
in both the First Person Shooter and Massively Multiplayer genres.