The Roman Empire is Mapped Out as Vivendi Games Releases Caesar IV Environment Screenshots

July 20, 2006

The Roman Empire is Mapped Out as Vivendi
Games Releases Caesar IV Environment Screenshots

Vivendi Universal Games today released 10 new
environment screenshots for its much-anticipated city-builder, Caesar IV.
Developed by Tilted Mill, Caesar IV enables players to experience first-hand the
vastness of the Roman Empire as they develop cities and provinces in five
distinct geographical regions. The new screens show off the North Africa,
Mediterranean and desert territories of the expansive Roman Empire. The next
installment of the best-selling franchise hits stores early this September.

As provincial governors, players of Caesar IV
encounter an array of environments, each of which represent their own unique
challenges. Topographical and climactic changes in each region mean players must
adjust their strategy accordingly to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming the
next Caesar.

Caesar IV PC screenshots
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Environment Descriptions:

  • Mediterranean
    • Warm and sunny with moderate amounts of rain
    • Terrain filled with hills and rocks
    • Bushy vegetation and small trees fill the
    • Farmers tend sheep and grow grapes, olives
      and vegetables
    • Attacks from Gaul, Carthaginian and Greek
      opponents are common
    • Background music has a Roman orchestral feel
  • Northern Europe
    • Cold, dark and dreary with frequent rain and
      even snow
    • Terrain is mainly flat but can get quite
    • Large dense forests are commonplace
    • Farmers raise cattle and raise crops such as
      grain and vegetable
    • Opponents tend to be Gauls and Germans
    • Background music is ‘Celtic’ inspired
  • Desert (Middle East)
    • Hot and sunny with very little rain and the
      occasional sandstorms
    • Terrain is sandy and rocky
    • Vegetation is sparse, with some grasses and
      palm trees
    • Crops are sparse except in some fertile
    • Opponents are usually Parthians
    • Background music is ‘Arabian’ inspired