The Rock Wants to Star in a Black Ops Film

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back in the wrestling spotlight, having had back and forth disputes with WWE poster boy John Cena over the past few weeks and going on to host this year’s Wrestlemania, where he cost Cena a chance at the WWE Championship. Even though he’s delivering Rock Bottoms and People’s Elbows in the ring, The Rock is still dedicated to his acting career, and he’s quite the gamer, too. In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, the People’s Champ expressed his opinion on Doom and a potential Black Ops film.

In the interview, The Rock stated that he would definitely star in a game-to-film adaptation if the right project came along. Regarding Doom, he made no attempt to hide the film’s lack of quality, saying, “I thought we had an opportunity with Doom. Didn’t work out the way we wanted to, creatively. But yeah, if the right opportunity came along and the script is good, sure.”

When asked what game he would like to see turned into a movie, the nine-time world champion said Call of Duty: Black Ops would make a great adaptation. “Black Ops, that’d be bad-ass. Let’s make it happen, let’s do it,” said The Rock, before joking about his interest in a Black Swan sequel.

The Rock’s acting career has been an undulating pattern of decent films and abysmal car crashes. No doubt he has a love for both wrestling and acting, and he’s proven that he can entertain if the role is right. The Rock in a Black Ops film? I can see it working. He better hurry up, though, because after the challenge he put down on Raw last night to face John Cena at the next Wrestlemania, he’s going to have to be in proper ring condition.