The Machines Have Begun Their Attack! Enter MachineHell

The Machines Have Begun Their
Attack! Enter MachineHell!

March 2nd, 2005 – Nuclear Games LLC  announced
that their first title, MachineHell, is now available. MachineHell is a fast
paced shooting game that takes place in the future of Earth as it is being
invaded by an alien force of mechanized warriors. You play the role of an
advanced hovercraft pilot and must battle your way through hordes of enemy
robots to lead the Earth to victory!

MachineHell puts you against
hundreds of enemies, but you are not unprepared for the struggle. As you battle
through a variety of terrains including cities, suburbs, deserts, and more, you
will find a plethora of power-ups and new weapons. Mastering each of these
power-ups and weapons will be essential to your survival and the survival of
Earth as you blast your way through 15 long levels of excitement.

This combat extravaganza makes a
stand on several game play factors. The game is easy to control, requiring only
a mouse. The sound effects and music are well adapted for a game of this type,
providing a strong sense of atmosphere while you fight your way through intense
combat situations.

The stage is set, the invasion has
begun, and you are all that stands between existence and extinction. Download
the MachineHell demo for free from their website at  and discover
if you have what it takes to save humanity!


Founded in 2004, Nuclear Games is a
game development and publishing company, specializing in creating high quality
games for casual audience. Their focus is to bring innovative ideas and fresh
content to many fans of the arcade, action, and puzzle genres. For more
information check their website at