The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower Confirmed for 2012 in Europe

Xenoblade Chronicles is slated for release on the Wii in Europe this Friday. As you can probably imagine, gamers living in that part of the world are incredibly stoked about the game’s release, while North American Wii owners grow more and more disgruntled that Nintendo isn’t showing them any love. Well, prepare to get even more upset with the Big N, folks.

It has been confirmed that The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower will be released in Europe. The two games, which many Wii owners desperately want to play, will land in 2012. Meanwhile in North America … we still don’t have anything.

Nintendo of America has yet to announce any major reveals in the way of Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, or Pandora’s Tower. All we got was some jargon about how the company will monitor the sales of Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe in order to see if it’s worth localizing for North America. That’s mad weak, Nintendo!

Wii owners have been hoping that Nintendo announces these three RPGs for release in North America, but the company seems intent on keeping them confined to Japan and now Europe. That said, with Nintendo expanding the titles outside of the land of the rising sun, is it possible that we’ll see them hit North America sometime in the future? Here’s hoping!