The Gunstringer Free DLC Now Available

If you are looking for more intense, western shooting action on Kinect, then The Gunstringer has got you covered. Exclusive for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers, you can now pick up The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles add-on for free. Official details can be seen below:

“This completely live-action interactive shooter features Wavy Tube Man Jr., who has stolen a time machine to prevent his father’s death at the hands of the Gunstringer. Shot on location with classic western and futuristic sets, this DLC pack features quick-drawing cowboys, heavily armed future warriors, and a final showdown against Wavy Tube Man Jr. himself. Players use Kinect-based targeting, shooting, and more to chase the villain through time, the fate of the world hanging in the balance.”

To queue the free Wavy Tube Man Chronicles DLC to your Xbox 360, click here.