The Gates of Troy Are Open!

The Gates of Troy Are Open!

Gates of Troy is now available
for purchase from Matrix Games!

Staten Island, NY, December 8th,
2004 – Matrix Games
and Slitherine Strategies
  are pleased to announce that the new turn-based
empire-building and ancient battles game Gates of Troy is now available for
download and purchase from the Matrix Games Online Store.

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said, “Gates of Troy is truly an awesome strategy gaming
experience. Building a civilization, training an army and then getting to enjoy
it march across the battlefield in 1:1 ratio is truly satisfying.”

Gates of Troy is now available for
online purchase and the DVD boxed version will be available in two weeks. In
Gates of Troy you will lead your nation to victory in the ancient world’s
greatest battles. Capture romance and adventure as you work your way to the far
off shores of Troy. Control a vast empire and fight epic sized battles on 3D
battlefields. With 6 new campaigns and 19 new heroes to come to your aid it will
take all the planning in the world to build your cities and conquer your
enemies. Greece is in your hands in Gates of Troy!

Gates of Troy retails for $19.99
from the Matrix Games Online Store for the downloadable version. The DVD box
version will be $29.99 plus shipping, again, available in two weeks. The game is
fully backwards compatible with the previous game Spartan and supports the
previous Spartan campaigns and scenarios but does not require Spartan to run.

Iain McNeil at Slitherine Strategies
said, “We are happy that Slitherine and Matrix Games could come together on this
project to help release Gates of Troy to the US market. We anticipate great
success in this and future endeavors.”

List of Features

    Six Campaigns

  • The Trojan Wars

  • The Pass at Thermopylae Greek

  •  Pre-Historic Greece

  • The Ionian Revolt Grand Campaign
    with Rome & Persia


  • Full 3D battles with battle setup,
    formations and free zoom and rotation during battle execution (Optional 2D for
    slower machines)

  •  Land and Naval warfare,
    including Naval Invasions, Sieges and Assaults

  • City and Empire management

  • Vassalization of foreign nations
    through diplomacy

  • Diplomacy and Trade (Improved)

  • Research and Construction

  •  Auto Resolution of Battles

  •  Mission objectives, Historic
    Events and Capital Cities

  • Extra mod features

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Slitherine Strategies is part of
Slitherine Software, an independent UK developer. They are a small and highly
talented team who have been in the games industry since the early 1990’s. They
are dedicated to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the
mass market. Two of the founding members are also world champions in tabletop
wargaming, giving them an incomparable insight into the workings of strategy
games. This combined with their experience of working on high profile
entertainment software ensures that their games are both highly addictive and
historically accurate. Legion, Slitherine’s first game, sold over 150,000 copies
worldwide and is still selling. Visit their website at


Matrix Games produces, markets and
publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since
2002, Matrix Games has published many award-winning games, including Highway to
the Reich, Starships Unlimited, Uncommon Valor and Korsun Pocket. Matrix Games
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