THE EXPERIMENT Now Shipping to Retail

February 5 2008

The Experiment for Windows Now
Shipping to Retail

The Adventure Company, a leading
publisher of interactive entertainment software around the world, today
announced the adventure game The Experiment for Windows is shipping to stores
across North America for the suggested retail price of $29.99 USD.

Begin your innovative shared
adventure in what appears to be a deserted old ship, grounded on a beautiful
Pacific island. You mysteriously find yourself in the ship’s operations room
faced with a highly advanced panel of controls, surveillance monitors and a wide
array of sophisticated technology. As you watch the monitors for other signs of
life, you discover a woman. Unable to find a way to communicate with her
directly, you realize you are her only hope. She needs your help.

The problem is, you too are being
held prisoner by an unseen captor. Soon you come to realize the only way to
escape is to help one another. But… who are you? Who is she? Why do you control
both your fates? Is escape from this floating prison your only goal, or is there
a more cryptic scheme?


  • Unlock a powerful story revealed
    through vivid flashbacks and shocking plot twists

  • Each character has independent
    attitudes, notions, and fears requiring you to build trust with the other
    character and overcome human and environmental challenges.

  • As the extended eyes and ears of
    the captive woman, explore every corner of the eerie ship scouting the path
    ahead for unseen dangers and enemies.

  • Strategically employ high-tech
    surveillance equipment to solve ingenious puzzles including: the ship’s
    intranet, full 3D rotation cameras, light intensifiers, heat detectors,
    thermal vision and even cameras on remote-control vehicles

“Adventure gamers should get ready
for a unique challenge where they need to act as the eyes and the ears of a
mysterious woman, seemingly held captive in a dilapidated ship,” said Byron Gaum,
Senior Product Manager at DreamCatcher Games. “The Experiment is full of
mystery, suspense and unexpected plot twists. The characters are dynamic, the
setting is eerie and the puzzles are innovative. Gaming enthusiasts are in for a
treat with this one!”

The Experiment for Windows® has an
ESRB rating of T for Teen.