The Effects of PS3 Hacks on the Future of the Console

Sure, we all like to poke fun at George Hotz (AKA GeoHot) for hacking the PlayStation 3 and getting sued by Sony as a result, but video game console hacking is a serious issue, one that can have a severe impact on PlayStation 3 owners and gamers in general. This is due to the restrictions that hacking and modding override. Hackers essentially turn game piracy into a simple act that makes for mass distribution of bootleg games, taking a big chunk out of the industry and making it harder for publishers and developers to earn the funds necessary for new IPs and sequels.

Additionally, by hacking games and tinkering with the mechanics, these individuals ruin online gaming. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC are the biggest online gaming systems and allow gamers to play with others cooperatively and competitively. Hackers, however, have been known to put a damper on the experience by incorporating various cheats into games that make it easy to do otherwise impossible actions such as score one-hit kills with a weak pistol, see through walls, and take unlimited damage without repercussions. It’s a problem that only benefits immature gamers who are out to make online play sessions a complete drag for everyone else.

The PlayStation 3 is just another in a long line of consoles that has met its match in regards to the power of modern hacks and system modifications. It’s a shame that these individuals get such thrill out of breaking through console walls to facilitate piracy and bootleg content. And while many of these hackers claim that they don’t support piracy and defend themselves by saying that the law allows owners of the product to do whatever they wish with their purchased gaming consoles, they are still opening doors for hackers who wish to steal content, ruin online games with cheap cheats, and hurt the medium we all love so much.