The Creatures are back!


Kutoka is Now Shipping Creatures
Exodus to North America

MONTREAL – (September 29, 2005) –
Kutoka Interactive, producer of the award-winning Mia edutainment software
series, is pleased to announce that Creatures: Exodus, one of the largest
artificial life experiments where you try to successfully breed your own
population of Norns, is now shipping. This is the first time that Creatures:
Exodus, besides being XP compatible, will be available for MAC. The new title
introduces two new Norn breeds and continues the Creatures’ tradition for
excellent and engrossing gameplay.

What is a Norn?

Don’t confuse the Norns with those
“virtual pet” gadgets and screen toys on the market. Norns are an artificial
lifeform that models real biological systems. Each Norn comes with its own
biochemistry, brain and Digital DNA™. Each one is unique.

Norns can be sent to school to learn
how to speak so players will be able to communicate with them. They need to be
fed, and also taught good from bad behaviors by being rewarded or punished. Most
importantly, players will have to help their Norns survive in a hostile world.
When they become adults, Norns can mate and pass on their own unique genetic
material to their offspring.

Because of this, the breeding
possibilities are endless. Players can choose to try and maintain a steady,
healthy population of Norns or they might prefer to concentrate on a single
creature or even just breed for appearance. It’s completely up to them!
Everything from the Norn’s appearance to the individual chemical reactions
inside their bloodstream is genetically specified. Players can breed their
favorites to see their genes and characteristics transmitted to the next
generation. It is even possible to play with the Creatures’ DNA and mix them
with other species.

The Gameplay

Creatures is an open-ended game –
you play however you like to play. The game is set on a spaceship called the Ark
that features six large environments, each with its own ecology, food chain and
dangers. Life isn’t always a breeze on the ship. Players will have to watch out
for the mischievous Ettins and the nasty, disease-ridden Grendels who are intent
on hurting the Norns. On the spaceship the players can construct vast machines
that will automate tasks to help them protect and defend their Norns as well as
keep them updated on their whereabouts.

Also included is another spaceship
called Capillata with even more environments, cool devices and possibilities.
This makes a huge world to explore. Players can also join a huge community of
users through the Internet with the Docking Station component of Creatures:
Exodus. This is where players will be able to connect their computer to other
players through the Internet, and become a part of an immeasurable online web of
connected worlds through which the Norns can wander at will. With the
multiplayer online aspect of the game, warp portals can be left open to welcome
Creatures from other worlds and a quarantine system can be operated to make sure
that visitors are healthy enough to enter your world. The Internet allows
players to chat, discuss and exchange Creatures and machines.

“At first look, Creatures may seem
simple, but the more you play the more engrossing it becomes. One only has to
take a quick look at the many fan sites on the Internet for the Creatures’
franchise to see just how involved you can get with your Norns”, said Richard
Vincent, Kutoka’s CEO and Creative Director.

Pricing, Age Range and Availability

Developed by Gameware Development,
and published and distributed by Kutoka in North America, Creatures: Exodus is a
hybrid CD-ROM that is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. The
software’s suggested retail price is $19.99 US and it will be available in
select stores as of October 1st, 2005. It can also be purchased online directly
from Kutoka at
Creatures: Exodus is for players ages eight and up.