The Commander Lands on WiiWare May 17th

April 30, 2010

The Commander Lands on WiiWare
May 17th

Aksys Games announces Gaijin Games’s
newest addition to the BIT.TRIP series, BIT.TRIP RUNNER exclusively for WiiWare!
For the first time play as Commander Video in this on-rails rhythm platformer!
“I went through so many emotions all at once: confusion, joy, determination, and
success!” says Cherie Baker, PR Specialist, Aksys Games. “After an hour with
Commander Video, I can honestly say I feel hardcore again. You will too once you
get your hands on that controller.”


  • Rhythm-based Platforming
    Jump, kick, slide, and shield yourself from the obstacles of a foreign planet.
    Timing is everything. Keep that beat flowing and Commander Video running!

  • Boss Battles Against Robotic
    Can Commander Video outwit evil aliens and an angry miner?!

  • 50+ Challenges
    Special bonus stages that resemble retro console classics!

  • Classic NES-style Controls
    Less than a minute to learn, and you and the Commander are off! Traditional
    side-scroller controls are the only way to go. The Wii Remote keeps it real
    with the +Control Pad and the 1 and 2 Buttons.

  • A Pounding Chiptune-Inspired
    Features special-chiptune-guest-star Anamanaguchi so you know you’ll be moving
    and grooving through stages and boss fights!

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is rated ‘E’
for ‘Everyone ‘by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games and BIT.TRIP
RUNNER can be found at