The Club Demo Now Available!

January 22, 2008


SEGA Release Demo for Intense
Action-Packed Shooter, The Club, on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation

SEGA of America today announced that
a demo for the exciting new shooter, The Club is now available via download
across North America on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and
will be available via the PlayStation Network on Thursday, January 24. The final
game will ship nationwide on Tuesday, February 19 for the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION
3 and PC.

Developed by industry revered
development studio, Bizarre Creations, The Club mixes cutting edge high
definition visuals with hyper-addictive score based challenges to deliver the
most intriguing and innovative shooter of early 2008.

As one of eight misfit gladiators
players must fight in a shadowy underground blood-sport run by a secret group of
sick millionaires. Each character has their own reasons for being in The Club –
some are there against their will, others to experience the ultimate high.
Whatever their reasons what unites them is the need to kill quickly and
skilfully – a challenge those who download this demo will experience first hand.

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