The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct unveiled info on its crazy and frantic combat system

Nintendo Direct has officially unveiled some more info on the highly anticipated title from Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101. Hideki Kamiya has even dressed up for the occasion, to share some juicy details about the game and its crazy looking combat system.

Thanks to the Gamepad, players will be able perform a move called Unite Morph, which fuses your heroes on the battlefield into multiple different, giant weapons. Unite Morph can be activated by drawing a specific object on the Gamepad. For example, a circle will form the Unite Hand, a powerful, giant fist, a straight line will form a giant sword that can perform sweeping attack across the battlefield, a right angle will form a giant gun capable of taking care of aerial enemies, and a wavy line will form a giant whip which can disarm enemies and rip off their added armor.

The more heroes you have, the bigger your weapon will be. However, the strategy goes deeper than just picking and choosing the right weapon for the right enemies. You're able to Unite Morph multiple weapons on the battlefield at a time, by using a lower amount of heroes at a time.

The Unite Morph is also used to solve various puzzle elements. For example, you're able to form into a ladder, a bridge, or even a hand glider to fly over obstacles.

Players will be able to upgrade or buy new moves for their Unite Morph abilities in the Wonderful Mart.

If you missed the Nintendo Direct, you can watch it below, and look out for The Wonderful 101 on September 15th.