The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 ‘Faith’ releasing this Friday for Xbox 360 and PC

Episode one of Telltale Games' new series, The Wolf Among Us, is set to release worldwide this Friday, October 11. IGN confirmed the release date today, but pointed out it only applies to the Xbox 360 and PC/Mac versions. Release dates for the PS3 in North America and Europe are "expected to be just a few days after the initial Xbox 360 and PC releases go live," Telltale told the website.

The first episode, titled Faith, will be purchasable for $4.99. Alternatively, fans who already plan on playing all five episodes of the series can opt to purchase the season pass (which grants access to episodes two through five) for an additional $14.99. Each episode will cost $4.99 separately.

The Wolf Among Us is already available for pre-order on Steam where you can also purchase the Season Pass for $22.49, 10% off its normal $24.99 price tag.

Be sure to check back for GameZone's official review of Episode One later this week.