The Witness already outpacing Braid in revenue

Borrowed money is already paid off

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are preventing Jonathan Blow from talking hard numbers, but over the weekend the indie developer revealed that his latest puzzle game, The Witness, is on track to sell more in a week — in terms of revenue — than Braid sold in its first year.

Blow's commenting on sales and revenue is less to do about boasting and more to do about celebrating the fact that his next game will be able to be made at a "comparable" budget level, and possibly even bigger. This comes just after Blow expressed concern that The Witness being the number one game on a "certain popular torrent site" could impact development on his future game.

When asked specifically if the next game was on its way to being financed, Blow replied: "Yeah we are getting there!" It's unclear exactly what Blow's next game will be, but he did previously say it should be "of comparable intricacy" as The Witness. And it will be created in way less time, or so he says.

The Witness is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC, but is coming to mobile platforms as well. Blow also announced over the weekend that he was looking into the possibility of bringing the game to Xbox One, which should further boost sales.