The Witcher 3 DLC will be free on PC; not sure about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks amazing; just read our preview from E3 2013 and you'll agree. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, CD Projekt Red's third installment in the franchise is set to feature a huge open world, and the studio has repeatedly said that they won't have DRM for The Witcher 3. This is a developer that is for that people, and that's obvious by the latest comments from them.

In speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, CD Projekt Red studio head Marcin Iwinski said that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will have free DLC on PC. While the hope is to bring free DLC to all platforms — including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — that will be dependent on platform holders.

Iwinski said, "It's too early to talk specifics, but definitely all the DLCs and updates will be free. Of course, we'll see what the platform holders will allow, what we can do for free [on next-gen consoles]. I mean, there are different business models on consoles. From our standpoint, we'll definitely do everything we can to deliver the same experience across all platforms."

Iwinski also touched on DRM policies with the Xbox One, saying that bringing the game to Microsoft's new console favors gamers. He continued, "There are people who'll be fine with [Xbox One's online-heavy DRM]. They'll buy the console and just want to play. Why should we not give them this option?"

He also said that "we don't know what the final policies are. Things might be changing. There's a lot of heat right now. From our perspective, we'll always choose the most gamer-friendly solution. And on the platform where we have control, which is PC, we'll release on GOG day one and DRM-free."

Long live PC.

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