The War Z closed beta starts Oct. 31, but alpha starts sooner — for a price

The War Z closed beta is scheduled to begin on October 31, announced Arktos Entertainment Group and developer Hammerpoint Interactive.

The multiplayer, survival-simulation game (in the style of the Arma 2 mod DayZ) garnered over 100K registrants in the first day, which was back in early August. Even if you didn't gain access to the closed beta, you can play the alpha by purchasing one of the early packages.

The Survivor package of the game is available for $19.49 until October 17 (and $29.99 afterward) and unlocks the game on its release date. It also features a forum badge.

The Pioneer package is meatier: For $29.99 until October 17 (and $49.99 past that date), you can get early alpha access starting October 15, $15 worth of in-game currency, a forum badge, one month of free "Stronghold" map server hosting, and three guest keys.

FInally, Legend gives you alpha access, a forum badge, a highlight survivor name on leaderboards and chat, $30 worth of in-game currency, 6 months "Stronghold" map server hosting, and three guest keys. It costs $49.99 and $69.99 after October 17.

You can preorder at the official site.

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