The Walking Dead: Season Two premieres on PS3, but Season Pass not yet available

Episode One, All That Remains, of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2 made its debut today on PlayStation 3 (and PC), but there's a bit of a snag. 

Although the first episode of this season can be purchased on its own from the PlayStation Store for $4.99, the Season Pass — which grants access to all five episodes as they release — has yet to become available. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal except that the Season Pass offers a 25% saving over purchasing the episodes individually. Telltale Games community manager Laura Perusco urges any PlayStation owner planning to purchase the Season Pass to wait on buying the game.

"You’d need to wait for the season pass in order to get the discount – since the season pass includes Episodes 1-5, purchasing Episode 1 first would negate your discount," she warns on the PS Blog. "If you’re planning to wait, hang in there!"

Telltale has yet to provide any specific timeframe for when the Season Pass will become available to PS3 owners, but we'll be sure to let you all know when we find out.