The Walking Dead Season Two finale trailer will hit you right in the feels

As promised, Telltale Games debuted its "special trailer" for The Walking Dead Season Two finale, "Episode 5: No Going Back." 

Unlike past trailers, this one doesn't show us anything in regards to the finale. In fact, it's quite the opposite as it instead reflects on everything Clementine has endured over the past two seasons. So if you haven't played any of Season One or Season Two, then stop here.

From losing her parents to losing Lee to presumably losing just about everyone in her current group at the end of Episode 4, this trailer reminds us of all the heartache and suffering this poor girl has had to go through. It's quite amazing she still presses on.

As if being reminded of all the loss wasn't enough, Telltale goes ahead and includes an "exclusive scene" that was created just for the trailer. Remember Clementine's parents and how they went off on vacation leaving her with the babysitter in Season One? Well, the trailer also shows us the last phone call in which she talked to them.

Told you, right in the feels.

Here are the release dates for Episode 5: No Going Back:

  • PC/Mac via Steam: August 26
  • PS3/Vita (North America): August 26
  • Xbox 360 (Worldwide) & PS3/Vita (Europe): August 27
  • iOS: August 28