The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 trailer coming next week. Release date too?

Telltale Games has released another new screenshot teasing The Walking Dead Season Two's second episode, "A House Divided." The new screenshot shows Clementine fending off an incoming walker.

More important than the actual screenshot, though, is Telltale's teasing of a new trailer coming some time next week.

If Telltale sticks to its regular pattern of announcements, then expect a release date announcement as well. The studio has a habit of dropping a new trailer shortly before the episode actually releases. WIth The Wolf Among Us Episode Two, Telltale announced the launch date alongside the trailer. Usually the new episode releases a week later.

I'm not saying this is the case with The Walking Dead's A House Divided, but it could be a strong indication that the new episode is almost upon us. Earlier this month, we were told Episode Two is "just around the corner." It's been about three weeks since then so I'd say we are due.