The Volus join Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer

You read right, that isn’t a typo.  The Volus are now a playable, unlockable, race in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer.  The Volus, those short and stout little greedy aliens can be years.  The idea behind the Volus is that BioWare wanted to add a purely support race.  The idea is to make your team score high without making your personal score high.

Chris Schanche of BioWare wrote:

We wanted to expand on the available races to something less conventional to represent the continuing state of the war. We also wanted to build a pure support class, it's something we've seen requested more then a few times, and the Volus were an interesting opportunity to build a very non-traditional character with a power suite built around staying out of front line combat and an emphasis about boosting team score over personal score.

I’d agree with the Volus being very non-traditional.  Well there you have it, this is no ‘October Fools Day’ joke, this is the real deal.  I definitely do like the idea of a pure support class. 


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