The Universim enters Beta soon with brand-new planet generation

Fans of large-scale strategy-sims – or God Games as they are lovingly called – can look forward to Crytivo’s next big update for The Universim. The indie planet simulator is set to enter the beta phase of development and together with that, it’s getting an entirely new planet generation engine. Catch a glimpse at what’s in store in the new developer video log!

Indie developer Crytivo first launched The Universim back in summer 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The allure of a new God Game coupled with charming-yet-grand aesthetics led to the title become a hit on Steam’s Early Access program. Naturally, the game evolved over the past year with improved gameplay mechanics, bug fixes and enhanced visuals.

What an odd word we have in the title, ha? It seemed like a distant dream, and, yet, here we are. Very soon, there will be nothing odd about that word, as we are proud to announce that we are officially transitioning into a Beta state in our next big update! This update will feature massive system reworks, which includes the new planet generation engine we’ve been teasing. This will enable planets to be slightly larger and contain more game objects than ever.

And soon it’s going to achieve another important development milestone by entering its beta stage. As part of this, The Universim will receive a new planet generation which aims to add more diversity to the levels – or in this case planets – and generally offer a more pleasant experience. There’s more in the upcoming update like the introduction of a Mountain System, drastically increased object quantity and more. You can read about all the changes on the developer blog post here.

The Universim is currently available at a 20% discount as part of the Steam Holiday Sale where you can get it for just $23.99.

Thanks PCGamer!