The Unfinished Swan: an artsy PSN game that’s really nice to look at

In 2008, a group of game-making folks started work on The Unfinished Swan, a title that would deliver first-person painting gameplay for gamers to discover the world around them. Several years passed, and we never heard anything about the game again. Now, though, we finally have some new info on The Unfinished Swan.

The team behind the game went on to create a studio called Giant Sparrow, a charming moniker made only more endearing thanks to a pretty logo. The folks over at Giant Sparrow teamed up with Sony in what they called a relationship akin to that of thatgamecompany's partnership with the PlayStation 3 manufacturer.

Now that Sony's funding The Unfinished Swan, Giant Sparrow can focus on creating the game and delivering an experience to gamers that it hopes will provide surprises, mysteries, wonder, and even some weirdness. Sounds to me like this could be the recipe for an awesome PlayStation Network game.

So what's The Unfinished Swan actually about? Well, you play as a boy who finds a mysterious swan. By following the bird, the main character discovers a world covered in white. Using globs of paint, you must unveil the mysteries of your environment and traverse a fantastical land in search of its king. Yeah, recipe for an awesome PlayStation Network game indeed.

Check out the trailer for The Unfinished Swan to get a glimpse at what it will offer when it launches exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

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