The Tommy Wi-Show Returns This Week with Episode 7

Last Sunday was one of the most depressing days in my entire life. Seriously, people. I'm not even joking here. After expecting a new episode of The Tommy Wi-Show and not getting what I had hoped for, I was so disappointed that I couldn't even sleep.

I considered ending my misery, but I discovered that a new episode of this incredible video game series was making its way to YouTube. I waited patiently, hoping that The Tommy Wi-Show would make up for its absence last week. I'm happy to report that it most certainly did.

T.W. returned this weekend in quite possibly the best episode of The Tommy Wi-Show yet. Not only is the wacky protagonist sporting a new hairstyle, but he's also a lot more chatty this time around. He isn't incredibly offensive (though he does take a minor jab at Greenpeace), but he delivers some awesome comments.

Be sure to check out episode seven of The Tommy Wi-Show on YouTube. Oh, T.W., I can't stay mad at you. Just never leave me hanging on a Sunday again!


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