The Technomancer wants to show you how to survive on Mars in an all new trailer

The red planet is a harsh place...

The Technomancer is the latest Action-RPG from Spiders, developers of 2014's Bound by Flame, and it will be releasing on PC and Consoles a week from today on June 28th. The studio has been steadily trickling out trailers over the past few weeks, and they have just launched a brand new one, titled Survive on Mars that showcases some of the game's backstory and the different ways you can tackle each obstacle.

The Technomancer's core gameplay surrounds your electricity powers and combat stance which can be The Technomancer's signature Staff, the rogue's blade and gun, and the tank's sword and shield. The game aims to be as tactical as it is action oriented, by forcing players to consider how they use their character's focus in battle. 

Between managing your powers, choosing a playstyle and upgrading your character, Action-RPG fans should find a lot to like about The Technomancer when it launches next week.