The Surge 2 shows tons of enemies get dismembered in newest trailer

Off to the chopping block

Focus Home Interactive has just released a new trailer for The Surge 2. This new trailer is full of brutal melee combat and the serie’s trademark enemy dismemberment. The hard-hitting action-RPG will come out this September 24th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check it out here!

Announced last year, the sequel to 2017’s cult soulslike hit The Surge is quickly nearing its anticipated release date in about two months. While gamers might not be even aware of the game’s existence, the likelihood of The Surge 2 becoming something truly special is clearly apparent for those who followed the developer Deck13’s past gaming output.

You see, this is the German gaming studio’s third attempt at a soulslike game in the past five years. What started with the rather mediocre Lords of the Fallen in 2014, improved significantly with the first Surge game two years ago. Seeing how Deck13 is continuously perfecting  their own take on a slightly slower soulslike action-RPG, The Surge 2 could very well become a great alternative to FromSoftware’s great but albeit worn-out fast-paced formula.

The Surge’s iconic fast-paced combat and unique limb targeting and looting mechanisms return for a dynamic combat experience that is as rewarding as it is unforgiving. Experience brand new, bigger, more lively environments – Jericho City is a massive location, packed with secret passages, buildings, factions, friends, foes, and terrifying bosses. Abandoned, half-finished mega-structures sit alongside ostensibly serene parks that have become nanomachine hunting grounds. As you progress through this nightmare, earn TechScrap and equipment pieces by tearing off enemy limbs to equip them to your exo-rig.

The Surge 2 is standing apart in the genre which is dominated by medival fantasy setting by offering a truly futuristic sci-fi setting. The melee weapons and gear available in the game are all high-tech products and manage to spice the genre up in a unique way. At the same time, the combat itself is also more tactical than in all other soulslike titles. In The Surge 2, players can aim at discrete body parts and with good timing even dismember specific body parts, like helmets, weapons etc.. These parts can then be collected and used to equip or upgrade, offering an extra layer of depth to the combat.