The state of Neverwinter revolves around PvP and balancing

If you’re a PvPer in Neverwinter, the focus by the developers should very much interest you. First off, match making is quicker so basically more PvPing. Secondly, team balance is will be a huge factor. The developers will look into class, gear score, and several other mechanics to seek balance. For those tired of leavers, Neverwinter will now inflict a penalty to discourage so many players from doing so.

PvP stats and resistances will become more of a factor. “Tenacity” will help guard players vs. crits and other burst attacks. This stat will be added to all previously existing PvPer gear as well as all future pieces. Crowd control effects will become less potent allowing for all players to be more active during matches. With all this said, a new tier of PvP gear is being added for you hardcore types to achieve towards.

Log onto free-to-play Neverwinter, queue for some PvP, murder other players. Enjoy the video above.