The Spider-Man E3 2016 teaser was in-game, real-time and running on the current PS4, not “Neo”

I need this game to be good.

During E3 2016 we were hit with a surprise that nearly knocked the pants off of Spider-Man fans around the world. Insomniac Games is working on a Spider-Man game, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (you can check out the teaser in the video above).

After seeing the teaser for the game, fans wanted more details. Unfortunately, details on the game are scarce if anything. Luckily enough, Insomniac revealed to one lucky internet user (and the rest of the internet using world) that the teaser we saw was not only in-game, but real-time and in the engine that the game will be played on.

What's even better news is that the teaser wasn't even shown on the rumored upgraded PS4 that is rumored to be codenamed "Neo." It's actually a bit shocking that the game wasn't revealed on the upcoming PS4, considering that the console has been rumored to be releasing this year

Note: Sony confirmed the existence of the next iteration of the PlayStation 4 console.