The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack launches just in time for Valentine’s Day

Discover all the lovey-dovey new items in The Lost Gardens of Healing

Love is in the air, and now your Sims will be able to experience the heart-warming season for themselves. EA announced today that The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack will be released on February 9 — just in time for Valentine's Day.

Shown off in the video above, the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack includes new objects and clothing to create the Victorian garden of your dreams.

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack has a mixture of flowery flora and marble furnishings that enable you to build new styles of parks, or to revitalize your home’s yard. Do you prefer a manicured lawn with trimmed rose bushes and flowers entwined around a wooden trellis? Perhaps instead you want to create your own Victorian inspired botanical gardens, replete with spitting lion fountains and stately Doric columns? All of these items and more empower you to create lush landscapes for romantic moments like dates, proposals, and weddings – or simply to enjoy a lovely afternoon outdoors.

Two specific items highlighted by EA are the new Fountain of Gluteus Maximus and Whispering Wishing Well.  

The Sims 4 Fountain of Gluteus Maximus

The the 'Fountain', your Sims can sit along the edge and cuddle, flirt by flicking water on each other, and even channel their inner child by jumping in. The 'Wishing Well' grants wishes for just a single Simoleon, but be careful what you wish for and when you wish for it, as there are over 50 different outcomes that can change your Sim's life forever.

The Sims 4 Wishing Well

These objects are both located in The Lost Gardens of Healing, a new Park Venue that "creates a picturesque backdrop to any romantic story."

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