The Sims 4 gets emotional in new trailer

By now, you probably already know The Sims 4 is all about giving you, the player, full control over your Sims' emotions. Today, EA has released a new trailer for the game that shows off the diverse set of emotions available to you.

Make them happy. Get them angry. Stay playful. Make them sad. Bore them or keep them focused. Energize them or daze them. It's completely up to you and as EA explains, this feature will drive "greater gameplay possibilities and opportunities to explore."

"Emotions are a powerful tool that can be used to a player's advantage to build skills quicker and reap new rewards," the developer said. As shown in the recent 20 minute gameplay video (the same presentation from E3), producer Ryan Vaughan channeled his Sim's "anger" emotion to work out and build his athletic skill faster than he would if he was feeling fine.