The Sims 3 gears up for fall with new screenshots of ‘Seasons’ expansion

Tomorrow marks the first official day of fall (can you believe next month is already October?!), my personal favorite time of year. Unfortunately, living in Florida prevents me from experiencing the true beauty of fall like the rest of the nation. No noticeable changing of seasons, no pretty colored leaves, no fall breeze, just more of the same heat.

So if you live in a place that doesn't allow you to experience multiple seasons, and are logging to see the changing colors of leaves, then I suggest you check out the newest batch of screenshots from The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack. Coming this November, just in time for the Holiday season, Seasons introduces new activities, eventful seasonal festivals and celebrations, and dramatic weather effects. For the first time in The Sims, the weather will change according to the seasons.

This group of screenshots depicts some of the fall festivities you'll experience in the game. Some of the activities include competing in a pie-eating contest, visiting a pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin, and feasting on delicious fall-themed foods.

The Sims 3 Seasons is set to release worldwide for Mac and PC in November 2012. By pre-ordering the expansion you will receive the Limited Edition which includes the exclusive Ice Lounge community lot, a sleek social club that can be placed in any world from The Sims 3 and is available in all seasons. It includes 12 new objects made entirely of ice.