The Showdown will soon bring dueling to League of Legends

You'll soon be able to show those nine other players in the match that you are truly the best League of Legends player, being held back by the four other putzes on your team. You know those games when your team is getting steamrolled and you still have the audacity to tell another player to "1v1" you? Well now they can.

The next featured gameplay mode coming to League of Legends will be The Showdown, a new type of game mode that allows you to duel "1 vs 1" or "2 vs 2" on an icy battlefield. As previously explained, there are three ways to win this match: draw first blood, reach 100 CS or destroy the enemy turret first.

But just how fair will this type of match be? Certain champs just flat out wave clear better than others, while some have more sustain. Others are tankier while some are assassins. Champions have counters, so unless both players are using the exact same champion, then someone will likely have an advantage. League of Legends is a team game for a reason.

The Showdown will arrive this Snowdown.

[League of Legends]