The Secret World teaser features murderous dolls and children singing, I’m out

When I think Transylvania I think of Dracula and other vampire-esque happenings. Well in The Secret World’s newest update, Issue 7: A Dream to Kill, this horror-themed region will be neck deep in murderous dolls. We’re talking snowmobile chases, flamethrowers, werewolves, and tons of exciting terrifying things.

“The last issue had a distinct Indiana Jones feel to it, and if I am to compare Issue #7 to something similar, I would probably draw parallels to James Bond and similar spy thrillers,” says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. “From fighting on top of moving trains to battling skyscraper-sized monsters in the middle of Times Square;  ‘The Secret World’ has become synonymous with the fresh, new and unexpected.  ‘A Dream to Kill’ is no exception, in fact I think players will be more surprised than ever!”

Check out the teaser trailer below. I warn you, creepy kids are singing. Creepy kids singing always creeps me out. Always. You can expect this update to come out soon.