The Secret World Beta Weekend #3 takes you to hell

The Secret World Beta Weekend #3 is set to take place this weekend on June 15 opening up even more of the game for you to explore.

This weekend beta test is being called Hell Raised after the epic dungeon you will experience beyond Kingsmouth in the massive new region known as The Savage Coast.  Hell Raised isn't the only dungeon available; a wrecked supertanker known as "The Polaris" has been spotted off the coast of Solomon Island.

For those of you who have participated in past weekends, you can continue your progress with the same character. If you want to participate in this Beta Weekend and the Beta Weekend starting June 22, all you need to do is preorder the game.

"The game has received significant enhancements since the last Beta Weekend, with improved content, gameplay mechanics and performance," Funcom added. "In addition you will get to experience the updated combat system as well as full DirectX 11 graphics! We are very excited to share all this with you."

The Secret World Beta Weekend #3: Hell Raised starts at 9am PST on June 15th and lasts until 11.59pm PST on June 17th.