The saga continues: 3DS XL will get Circle Pad Pro peripheral

A new 3DS model, the 3DS XL, was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation. The handheld, which is a much larger version of the 3DS sporting much larger screens, will launch this August alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Nintendo insists that it's the last 3DS revision we'll see in a long time.

Of course, you probably noticed that the 3DS XL, like its predecessor, won't include a second analog pad. So it should come as no surprise that Nintendo will be releasing a new version of …

… the 3DS Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS XL! Oh God yes! It's happening, people! I'll definitely be snagging a 3DS XL later this summer, and I'll be on the lookout for that Circle Pad Pro. Of course, I'll probably just wait until Nyko makes a much nicer one.


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