The Resident Evil 6 characters and setting update

As the initial hype from Resident Evil 6’s announcement settles down, we are feed some new information about the setting, protagonists, and enemies.  With the dust settled, the questions are rolling in and Capcom has taken the time to answer some of them for us.

The setting has been revealed as taking place in China.  The larger than life biceps of Chris Redfield is heading to the fictitious coastal town of Lanshiang.  The story for RE6 has also been released as taking place during the year 2013.  So this new title takes place four years after Resident Evil 5.

The gambit of characters is a bunch of familiar faces with a few wenches thrown into the mix.  It seems Lean Kennedy has yet another large presence in this game.  Ever since the events which occurred in Raccoon City, he has sworn his life to fighting bioterrorism anywhere it occurs.  Helena Harper is the woman you see in the announcement trailer.  This vest / dress pants wearing government agent is a bodyguard for the president.  She admits to Leon that she is the one responsible for the incident. 

The third protagonist is still unnamed.  He is a mercenary involved in an Eastern European conflict.  He is told that one day he will be the one responsible for saving the world.  That’s heavy.  Ingrid Hunnigan is a member of Field Operations Support (FOS) and has been working with Leon for some time now and they trust each other.  Adam Benford is the President of the United States, he hired Leon after the incident at Raccoon City. 

If you guessed that the main enemy in Resident Evil 6 would be zombies, you are absolutely right.  How did you know?  Some of these zombies will be armed so look forward to that action.  A new enemy will be the J’avo.  These creatures work off of pure instinct, understand speech, work together in groups, and know how to use weapons.  J’avo is the name the BSAA gave to these creatures after the Siberian word for ‘demon.’  This seems properly named.  These foes can also mutate to alter how they attack you thus forcing you to stay on your toes and so you alter your strategies.     

One of my biggest gripes about Resident Evil 5 was not being able to move and shoot.  It didn’t make any sense.  Well, RE6 fixes this issue.  You will also be able to roll in any direction and use cover simpler.  Melee attacks will be more important and will involve more than just Isaac Clarke style-awkward foot stomps.  This is a good sign that they are not just porting over the combat system from five to use in six. 

Hopefully this cleared up some questions and I’m sure Capcom will feed us more as the release, November 20th, comes closer.