The Recap – 02/13/13 ‘

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

Bungie's Destiny will be revealed on Sunday

Bungie is poised to reveal its brand new game, Destiny, on Sunday, February 17, the company announced.

Smite reveals Neith, Weaver of Fate

Have you not been waiting for a high mobility, snare heavy, ranged god in Smite? Neith, Weaver of Fate, fulfills this role with predictable ease.

Slender: The Arrival preorders come with beta access

The Arrival is Parsec Productions commercial sequel to the indie hit Slender, and it's releasing on March 26. But you can secure beta access if you preorder the game now.

New Ether One footage and environments revealed via ‘The Restorer’ trailer

I’ll openly admit that White Paper Games' newest project, Ether One, has somehow existed outside of my radar. I’m both ashamed and upset at myself for this.