The Pathless is seriously striking in new gameplay walkthrough

From the maker of Abzu

Developer GHiant Squid has shared a lengthy gameplay video about their jawdropping open-world action-adventure game The Pathless. Watch it here!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s from the talented artists that crafted the serene underwater adventure Abzu, but The Pathless is simply a joy to just look at. From windy grass field to eye-catching use of color, Giant Squid has created something truly fascinating here.

The Pathless is all about finding your own way forward, so an open world design fit the experience and themes perfectly. We wanted to encourage players to explore organically and develop an understanding of the space as they play, which led us to break convention with most open world games in a few key ways: There’s no fast travel, there’s no map, and there’s no game over.

These common design elements work great in many games- but for ours, we didn’t like how they pull you out of the world and remind you that you are in a game. We made the choice early on to remove these elements to sharpen the sense of immersion and atmosphere. It launched us on a multi-year long journey to figure out new ways to address the issues those mechanics normally solve.

Just like the visuals, the gameplay just welcomes you sink in your couch and get comfy while your player character is zooming across a mystical open-world. And while doing all this, your character is still jollily hunting with his arrow. Call your bird companion to reach higher positions and even fly above lush forests and wide-open plains.

The Pathless is set to come out this year for PS4, PS5, and PC. Later will be available on the Epic Games Store.