The new ‘Deadpool 2’ poster may have just hinted at a trailer for Thanksgiving

Is the first 'Deadpool 2' trailer coming sooner than we thought?

Ryan Reynolds may have hinted that a new trailer for 'Deadpool 2' could be coming for Thanksgiving.

One of the most anticipated movies to release next year has to be the sequel to 2016's Deadpool. Ever since the post-credit tease at the end of the first movie revealed the time-traveling mutant, Cable, would be joining the team, as well as the teaser trailer that played before 'Logan' earlier this year, fans have been clamoring for the first footage. It would seem that we may not have to wait too much longer.

In a recent Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds unveiled a poster featuring an artist rendering of all your favorite characters from the first movie, including the new additions of Cable and Domino, sitting around the dinner table for Thanksgiving, an obvious parody of the Norman Rockwell painting:


I cooked this entire turkey using only a Zippo lighter.

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The poster says nothing but the "2018" at the bottom. The theme of the poster, however, might imply the newest trailer might be coming this Thanksgiving. While in most cases, this is a flimsy kind of argument, but considering 2015 had a 'Deadpool' trailer drop on exactly Christmas Day as a gift to the fans, it's worth considering.

Deadpool 2 releases June 1, 2018!