‘The Modern Parents Guide to Kids and Video Games’ now available, Win a free copy!

Studies show that children aged 2-5 are now more able to play video games or downloaded apps than tie their shoelaces.

It's a scary statistic, but one that you, as a parent, should be aware of. 

62% of kids say they've had a negative experience online, with a quarter of adolescents saying their parents know little or nothing about what they're doing on the internet.

With over 75% of teenagers now owning cell phones, today's family is challenged with the tasks brought on by Internet-ready high-tech and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, apps, computers and connected video game systems.  It's a challenge that parents must be prepared to meet, says Scott Steinberg, author of the new The Modern Parent's Guide series of high-tech parenting books.

Don't worry, you don't have to face this challenge alone.  Here at GameZone, we appreciate the parents of gamers and are here to help you cope with the ever-advancing technology.

Today marks the release of The Modern Parent's Guide — a new series providing positive, real-world solutions for today's digital parents.

The initial volume, The Modern Parents Guide to Kids and Video Games, is actually available as a free download, with paperback, iBooks, Kindle and Nook editions available for purchase.  Even better, we've got FREE paperback copies for you!

The first volume provides a complete guide to PC, console, online, free, social, and mobile games, including using game ratings, addressing common health concerns and fostering healthy computing habits.

Looking over the book, I can attest that the book contains a slew of useful information for today's parents including:

  • Common concerns about video games
  • The benefits of video games
  • Guidelines for healthy gaming
  • A guide to online games
  • And much more!

You don't have to play games to understand the book either.  For those of you with no clue about gaming habits, the book contains a list of common video game terms, a list of video game genres, safety tips, how to setup and use parental controls, and lists of "top" video games.

So how do you get your free copy?  It's simple! 

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