The Mass Effect 3 VGA Trailer – Reaper vs. Thresher Maw

The Mass Effect 3 VGA Trailer shows us Shepard on Tuchanka dealing with a Reaper – Thresher Maw style.  That’s right, remember the Rite of Passage quest with ole Grunty boy in ME2?  This Krogan loyalty quest took Shepard – as a member of Grunt’s krantt – into the ritual grounds where a button had to be pressed to send waves of monsters at you.  At the end, there was this minor issue of a Thresher Maw to deal with OR survive.  Well guess what, this trailer takes us back to THAT location. 

The only difference this time is that there is a Reaper trying to eradicate all the populace of Tuchanka.  Once again, Shepard races to push the button to release our friend – the Thresher Maw.  Instead of trying to eat Shepard this time it goes after our non-friend – the Reaper.  This trailer is mighty epic and I like how BioWare shows in game footage in it.  Did this trailer want me to play ME3 more though?  Absolutely. 

The trailer is below: