The Lord of the Rings Online dev suffers layoffs

Layoffs have struck another company this week: The Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

"As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating market conditions, we have had to make reductions in our Turbine workforce," a spokesperson told Game Informer. "The group continues to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

It's unclear how many employees are affected.

Turbine developed the fantasy MMORPG Asheron's Call, along with its sequel and their expansions. It also made Dungeons & Dragons Online.

The fourth and latest expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, Riders of Rohan, came out on October 15.

Layoffs have also recently hit Lionhead Studios, maker of Fable: The Journey, and Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive. Closures at Zynga studios this week put five percent of its full-time workforce out of jobs.

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