The Last of Us Remastered’s frame rate is worse on PS4 Pro compared to the original


Before the PlayStation 4 Pro released, Sony gave us a look at the short list of games that would be patched for Pro optimization. At this point games basically have two versions of themselves, the Pro version and the original version. The question is, does the PS4 Pro actually enhance the game?

When it comes to Skyrim: Special Edition, the answer is no. Unfortunately, the answer is still no when it comes to The Last of Us Remastered it's no better. Patch 1.7 brings support for the PS4 Pro to The Last of Us Remastered, as well as HDR support.

When on the PS4 Pro, The Last Of Us Remastered struggles to maintain 60 FPS at 1800p. In fact, The Last of Us Remastered runs at a lower FPS on the PS4 Pro than it does on the original PS4, according to DigitalFoundry. The game drops to 50FPS in places where there previously no FPS drops and even bigger FPS drops on scenes that were already hard to load at 60FPS.

Aside from the general bump in resolution, the core game looks the same. The texture, filtering settings, and lighting quality is the same. There is no difference in framerate when the game is running at 2160p or 1800p – it's exactly the same and worse than the original version of the game.

Check out the full break down below: