The Last of Us Comic-Con trailer reveals new character, and potential mission

A new cinematic trailer for Sony and Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 exclusive game The Last of Us has introduced us to a new character, Bill.

Played by There's Something About Mary's W. Earl Brown, Bill is fellow survivor following the virus outbreak. Not much is known about him except that he owes Joel some favors. After Joel and Ellie arrive at Bill's safe house, he proceeds to handcuff Ellie to a pipe and a scuffle ensues. After things settle down he agrees to help Joel in an attempt to get a working car.

While appearing course and rough at first, it seems Bill's initial behavior is just a natural survival instinct. We don't know what he owes, but it must be for something big. Or maybe Bill is just a nicer guy than he first appears.

The cinematic is presumably a cutscene in the game that could set you up for a mission in which you must locate parts for a car. Perhaps this is what leads up to the "Ambush" trailer that was revealed a few months ago?