The Last of Us 2012 release date just ‘speculation’

In the most recent GameInformer issue, featuring a ton of information about upcoming PS3-exclusive The Last of Us, the publication states the game will be released in 2012.

While many have assumed this from the beginning, Naughty Dog refuses to commit to a date in 2012.  Whether it be legality reasons or something else, they have yet to announce the official date – meaning GameInformer's The Last of Us release date is merely "speculation".

"Game Informer wrote in their own release date as they speculated what it could be," Naughty Dog developer Eric Schatz told fans. "We didn't tell them anything directly about release timing."

Schatz did give a glimmer of hope that an announcement could be coming soon, but only said it would be revealed until they are "ready to say."

"We hope to have an official announcement on that as soon as we're ready to say," he added.

As for the actually details in the latest issue, Schatz informed readers that was taken from a brief 10 minute long gameplay demo.