The Last Guardian is “making progress under completely new conditions” says game creator

All I want for Christmas is a release date

The last time we heard about The Last Guardian was around early October when Tokyo Game Show wrapped up.  There was a statement from Shuhei Yoshida about the Last Guardian's development:

"Development couldn't be better, that might be a bit of an exaggeration (laugh). We continue to work diligently on the game, so please look forward to it." 

Well, the exaggeration might have been revealed by game creator Fumito Ueda in this week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation. The game creator sat down and let people in on the state of The Last Guardian and it's a bit of good news and bad news. When Dengeki asked Ueda what his most memorable title on the platform was, he replied:  "The Last Guardian, by which I mean all the hardships and the unforeseen amount of time required than what was originally thought." That part is the bad news, but it's the news we already knew about – considering we have yet to see the actual game.

The good news was when Ueda followed that statement up with: "Talks with Sony Computer Entertainment on The Last Guardian have been ironed out, and we're making progress under completely new conditions. I'm also working on some other things that I'll hopefully be able to show in time if progress is smooth."

Completely new conditions? Well, that sounds like PlayStation 4 development to me. What do you think?

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