The Intel Ultrabook allows Civilization V to be played completely with the touchscreen (video)

The lead producer for Firaxis, creators of Civilization V, talks about the touchscreen integration with the Intel Ultrabook.  Dennis Shirk not only talks about, but also demos, how Civilization V can be completely played with the Ultrabook’s touch screen alone.

History’s greatest leaders need you to take control of their civilizations and they need your fingers to control them on a mobile platform.  Want to build a city?  Press the screen.  Want to move military units?  Touch the screen.  Need to open up the menu?  Touch the screen.  It REALLY is that easy.  The beauty of this, for those who have played Civ V, know that this game can easily take 20+ hours per go.  The ease of taking it mobile without needing a mouse just makes this ideal.

Check out the video below.  It’s extremely corny, but at the end of the video Shirk says, “We’re one step closer the a technological victory.”  I admit, I laughed.


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