The Humble Voxatron Debut Announced

The 'Humble Indie Bundle' has been a surprisingly effective sales strategy for the burgeoning indie game market.  Indie games have traditionally struggled to find an audience, but by bundling these independent hits together and allowing patrons to name their price, these small developers are seeing some very decent profits and getting their studios the exposure they deserve.

Today a new 'Humble Bundle' has hit the net, though it currently includes just a single game, the voxel-based shooter Voxatron Alpha. Voxels are essentially three-dimensional pixels, which gives the game a strangely retro look (much like From Software's 3D Dot Heroes). The game's trailer showcases some of the frantic shooting / platforming gameplay, as well as some interesting game mechanics, such as a ledge that can only be reached by allowing a snail enemy to build a pile of scalable sludge. The trailer's humor is obvious, featuring some hilarious impressions of both the Governator and Christopher Walken, while reminding potential buyers that a portion of their purchase price can be sent to the charity Child's Play or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Though Voxatron remains the only component of this bundle as of writing, Humble Indie Bundles often have additional games added to the package as the sale progresses. Don't be afraid to jump in now however, as all buyers get access to the complete bundle regardless of whether new titles get added after purchase, and with Voxatron normally a $15 purchase by itself you'll be sure to get a bargain regardless. The bundle is only available for the next two weeks however, so get ordering now!