The Harrowing: New League of Legends Halloween Skins

Okay Summoners, The Harrowing is upon us.  You know what that means–awesome Halloween skins for your favorite League of Legends champions!  Riot has released this year's video showing off the four new skins.

In the video, Karthus welcome us to the Institute of Horror, Valoran's most horrifying House of Harrowing.  He then breaks down the four new skins, which you can see in the video below.  First up is Frankentibbers Annie.  This skin has Annie with brwon and white hair standing on end and Tibbers as part teddy bear, part Frankenstein. 

League of Legends New Halloween Skin Frankentibbers Annie


Next up is Definitely Not Blitzcrank, which has our favorite robot pretending to be a human.  It's the story of a robot that wanted to be a human so much that he drove himself mad.  Blitzcrank is wearing a suit, has a comb-over wig, a wrist watch, and a nose-glasses-eyebrows disguise on his face. 

League of Legends new Halloween skin Definitely Not Blitzcrank


Third is Bewitching Nidalee.  Yea, there's already a Lux skin like this, but it's not in black.  Instead of throwing spears, Nidalee is not throwing brooms with a spike on the end.  She has a black dress on with a black witches' hat, and when she goes into cat form, she's a…you guessed it…black cat.  Karthus warns us that side effects may include hair balls and mange.

New League of Legends Halloween skin Bewitching Nidalee


The last skin we receive for Halloween is Haunting Nocturne, which has Nocturne as a ghoul/ghost.  He is white with a blue glow and has tattered cloth.  Not a bad lineup at all.

New League of Legends Halloween skin Haunting Nocturne