The guy that is suing Rockstar is the man that made Red Dead Redemption happen

And there are tons strippers and some interesting photography.

Earlier today it came to light that that the former President of Rockstar, Leslie Benzies, is suing the game development studio for $150 million in unpaid royalties. Benzies claims that he was forced out of the company after taking a lengthy sabbatical between September 2014 and April 2015.

The statement from Benzies' attorneys read that Sam Houser and Dan Houser were the individuals that made the push to remove Benzies from the studio. 

While the lawsuit itself is interesting, the details coming to light in the court documents (via are even more interesting. According to court documents, Red Dead Redemption released as a blockbuster because of Benzies. Emails between Sam Houser and Benzies show Houser nearly begging Benzies to help them streamline the development in Red Dead Redemption. 


It looks like Benzies played a major role in that game, it will be interesting to hear why he was fired when more information is released.

While Benzies' role in Red Dead Redemption's release is interesting, the rest of the court documents read like some kind of script for an 'Office' version of Grand Theft Auto – especially the part that talks about encouraging "a company culture involving strip clubs, personal photography of employees in sexually compromising positions, and other conduct grossly in violation of standard workplace norms."

This is Benzies documentation of the event – we can only fidget in anticipation for the Houser's account of the events.